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Riley W.

"Abbie is such a beautiful soul and gave me the most beautiful reading ever I'm literally still in awe with tears of joy and hope for the future. The things that she had mentioned were things that I needed to hear to heal and the connections that she brought back to me made me feel close to those that I have lost once again."

Holly M.

"I highly recommend a reading from Abbie. She provides evidential readings which confirms she is communicating to our loved ones. A number of things she picked up on that only I would know. Abbie's readings puts your mind at ease and her personality is so caring and loving."

Ariel K.

"Abbie gave me without question the best reading I've ever had from a medium. There was nothing vague or uncertain about it, it was precise, direct and exactly what I needed to hear, she identified deceased relatives accurately and passed on very clear messages, told me about changes that were coming in my life that are now coming to fruition. What more can I say, hands down the clearest channel I have ever encountered. 

Sophia D.

"I have been getting readings from Abbie for about 3 - 4 years now, and I can't emphasize how grateful I am to have her in my life and for the all the clarity, guidance, peace & answers her readings have given me. Abbie has given me dates, names, descriptions of family members that have crossed over, information that I had to verify from older family members and these precise details have always been SPOT ON... Readings with Abbie are healing & nurturing to the soul. Aside from an incredibly gifted Medium, she is a kind, empathetic, overall a wonderful a wonderful human being that is so easy to talk to, open up to and share your personal thoughts and experiences without feeling any judgement or apprehension. I recommend her whole heartedly"
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